Terry Hall

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Cressy Snr
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#1 Terry Hall

Post by Cressy Snr »

Terry Hall of The Specials, Fun Boy Three, Colourfield has died aged 63 :(
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#2 Re: Terry Hall

Post by IslandPink »

Just been reading that Obit on the BBC, what an ordeal his teenage years were !
Damn shame, makes me feel old too, when 80's stars are dying.
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Ali Tait
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#3 Re: Terry Hall

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Very sad. Music of my youth.
Daniel Quinn
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#4 Re: Terry Hall

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Too much , too young . One of many songs that inspired me to look beyond the pennines encapsulating Oldham .
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Mike H
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#5 Re: Terry Hall

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Oh wow. I'm starting to get nervous when I see people popping off who are around the same age or younger than me. :shock:

^ Anyone else thinking about Father Ted?
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