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#1 capacitors

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I hadn't heard Ethan Winer's name since back in the day when I discovered his Rondo video, but I stumbled on this which I thought may interest some: ... capacitors

for those that haven't heard rondo:

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#2 Re: capacitors

Post by IslandPink »

Doesn't look like his test is discriminating enough, if all caps except ceramic ones measure the same.
It isn't helped by -
" in practice anything less than 0.1% is mostly benign since at that point the distortion artifacts are 60 dB below the music" which doesn't support what I've heard and the discussions I've had with Nick and Andrew.

The cello vid is fun - will take a proper look at that.
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#3 Re: capacitors

Post by Nick »

Yep, I think his results are limited by his ability to measure distortion.
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