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#1 Hello

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Hello Audio-Talk,

I am looking forward to getting involved in some of the discussionsa and forums.

I have designed an built a signle ended, direct heated triode, amplifier based around 6SN7GTB, Type 46 and then GM70 as the output tube. I have also been experimenting with my own output transformers based on twin AMCC320 Metglas with various winding patterns.
Currently listening in mono as it was a real headache to build assemble the first amp....looking for motivation to get to stereo...

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#2 Re: Hello

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Welcome, I have some cores and a winding machine awaiting inspiration too..
Your amp sounds great
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#3 Re: Hello

Post by ballastboy69 »

I purchased a Chinese made winding macihne from EBay which was amazing value and actually pretty good, however it struggled with the size and wire thickness for the twin AMCC320 bobbin size.
I am building a larger winding machine myself, with some high power stepper motors and a linear table for tracking the wire accurately as the bobbin turns. Another one of my projects which is at 60% complete ;-).

My first transformer was very poor, it had a large amount of leakage inductance and poor frequency response. I have since done a multi-layer design with 5 primary and 4 secondary sections with Nomex paper in-between the sections. Much better, 40KHz+ and inductance ~50H although I am trying to measure parameter and correlate with design calculations.
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#4 Re: Hello

Post by jack »

This is exciting stuff!
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