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A couple of years ago I installed vs code to assist with the toolchain for esp32, using platformio. It drove me nuts with its complications so I binned it and went back to notebook++, together with arduino ide.

I see a pattern forming....if something doesn’t work right here, right now, then I bin it. It’s not that it doesn’t work, it’s more that I don’t understand it and I’m unwilling to put the time in for the learning curve.

This happened with kicad recently when it wouldn’t install on my machine and instead of finding out why I reverted to something I knew would work.

All in all I get the job done but probably not in the most efficient way. I could be missing the benefit of more modern tech or methods.

Moving forward, I had a need to do some housekeeping and revisit some css and php, so I re-installed vs code. If I had my time over again things would be different. It nearly rivals the best editor I ever encountered....the one that came in the MASM package, around the time of the 286/386

Vs code is a revelation, apart from the language identification and text highlighting(seems to be much better than notebook++) it does the link to MDN for help with syntax and background, wow...

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