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#1 Hi everyone

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Hi, I'm pleased to have found this forum, and thought I should get straight down to introducing myself.

I'm a life-long Hi-Fi guy. My first system, put together with pocket money, consisted of a Goldring G101 turntable, Sinclair 2000 amp and Wharfedale Denton 2XP speakers, all bought as bargains from shops on Tottenham Court Road.

By the time I was at Uni, I'd got myself a part-time job at a Hi-Fi dealer and was the proud owner of a Technics SL20, a Quad 33/405 and KEF 104aB's.

Spool forward a few more years and the system had progressed to a Linn/Ittok/Ortofon MC20, Audiolab 8000C/P, and KEF 104.2's.

But then came Life. Children. Mortgage. Career. Hi-Fi pushed well down the priority list. The Record Collection was given away, the Linn sold.

Now I have time and space to start again. I'm buying the same LPs all over again, plus the ones I never had but should have. I currently have a Systemdek III, Mayware Formula 4 and an Audio Technica OC9-III. I have many questions - I hope this is the place to find answers!
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#2 Re: Hi everyone

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Mayware formula 4 - respect ! :)
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