A quick 'hello'

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#1 A quick 'hello'

Post by DavidN »

It's getting late in the evening, but I'm glad to have found this forum, so an intro is time well spent...

I'm David from North Wales, with a career in IT. As an antidote to the new technologies, my own interests go the opposite way: film photography and analogue audio.

My mainstay system over decades has been a Rega Planar 2, with Sugden A48II driving Linn Index speakers. Just lately I bought a Chinese valve amp kit: A Boyuu A9 with single-ended EL34 outputs. I've enjoyed putting it together, making a few tweaks, and now enjoying the music.... and it's crystallised my desire to burn my fingers and make electronic stuff. I managed to snag a beat-up early 60s stereogram on Ebay, so I now have a couple of ECL86s with appropriate ironwork to play with.

So, I'll probably be a 'consumer' of the gems on here for a while, but hope one day to contribute something useful!


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#2 Re: A quick 'hello'

Post by Nick »

Hi, Have fun :-).
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#3 Re: A quick 'hello'

Post by IslandPink »

Audio and film photography.. in North Wales.
Must be something in the water.
Welcome !
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#4 Re: A quick 'hello'

Post by Dave the bass »

Mark has a new chum :)
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#5 Re: A quick 'hello'

Post by pre65 »

Hello and welcome. :)

DavidN wrote: Fri Feb 07, 2020 11:27 pm
film photography

What format ?
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#6 Re: A quick 'hello'

Post by Paul Barker »

Not another IT/IS person!
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#7 Re: A quick 'hello'

Post by Mike H »

Greetings. :D
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#8 Re: A quick 'hello'

Post by DavidN »

pre65 wrote: Sat Feb 08, 2020 10:00 pm Hello and welcome. :)


What format ?
Mostly 35/120 but I have some film oddities in the fridge - 110, 126, 127.
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