USB hard drive recommendations

I think we all know by now what this section is for.
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#1 USB hard drive recommendations

Post by shane »

I’m looking for a 1tb USB hard drive to use for music storage for a possible raspberry pi project and as backup to my ancient cobbled-up NAS. Reliability is my greatest concern. Does anyone have any particular recommendations?
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#2 Re: USB hard drive recommendations

Post by Ant »

Pull one out of an old laptop and get a usb3 caddy to make it an external hard drive. I did that for the kids ps4 as a usb3 HD was about 60 quid. And predictably the ps4 will only accept usb3. 15 quid for the caddy and the HD was out of a bricked laptop. Just plugged it in the mac and formatted it. I have a couple of old broken laptops and the drives inside were all Seagate apart from one which was a Samsung. The laptops were sony Samsung, Asus and toshiba ones.
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#3 Re: USB hard drive recommendations

Post by Nick »

I am out of touch with current hardware as what I have is good enough. But I would have thought full size drives would be better from a reliability stance. i use a USB caddy and 3.5" drive I got from ebuyer a couple of years ago.
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#4 Re: USB hard drive recommendations

Post by Neal »

I used a WD passport drive with an RPi on CCTV capture duty for over a year without issues, that’s 24x7 operation. They are USB powered and with a good supply (3A) and the USB power set to high on the RPi should provide reliable operation.
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#5 Re: USB hard drive recommendations

Post by ed »

I 've had a 1tb buffalo external slimline for about 3 years which I have backups on....used about once a week...... and before that I had a 500gb touro slimline which did the same job for a few problems with either...

as an aside, ebuyer send me 'bargains of the day' emails every day, one of which over the weekend conatined details of 500gb ssd for £30.......
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