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#1 Brian May's guitar tech and Brian May discuss Brian May's guitar and touring rig

Posted: Thu Jul 13, 2017 8:36 pm
by Irene Idler
Stumbled across this earlier today and thought some of you might enjoy it. I already knew most of the story behind the Red Special, but Mr. Idler found it fascinating and was, like myself, pleased by the detail that the sixpence must be pre-1950, because after that the composition changed and doesn't sound as nice. I'm pleased to note that both of the amazing guitarists whose rigs I've watched videos on today use Celestion drivers, as I'm using on my own amp project.

It's not often you get a guitargasm and a nerdgasm at the same time.

Now I'm off to watch a video about wire recorders that Mr. Idler turned up.