DAC 5687 vs. 6463

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Paul Barker
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#16 Re: DAC 5687 vs. 6463

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Pq showed me about half a pallet of that valve Mark. He was saying how he liked them and showed me his stockpile. Audio note won't run out.
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#17 Re: DAC 5687 vs. 6463

Post by IslandPink »

Thanks for the background Paul .
SteveTheShadow wrote:I tried them as EL84 drivers a few years ago and hated them.
But as ever YMMV and all that :)
Odd how I completely forgot that discussion !
Was that in SE or PP circuit, Steve ?
It may be they do something nice at small-signal level but not at higher levels .
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Cressy Snr
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#18 Re: DAC 5687 vs. 6463

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I think it was a push pull EL84 with phase splitting transformers.
Mind you, I knew far less about getting them right than I do now, so the lousy sound might very well have been down to
my inexperience.
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#19 Re: DAC 5687 vs. 6463

Post by Marcellavk »

I was wondering wat would be the best solution. Using a 6463 linestage for both DAC and Pre-amp or is it possible to combine a 6463 for DAC and 5687 for a preamp? Any sugestions ?

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