Garrard 401 Slate Plinth / Slatedeck Armboard Mount.

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#1 Garrard 401 Slate Plinth / Slatedeck Armboard Mount.

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What's the general concensus of people in todays world of armboard mounting. Do you slap on directly to plinth (along with motor) or de-couple
armboard. My plinth was originally cut to take armboard mount & not
de-coupled. I have seen several variations of other turntable set ups where the armboard is on it's own dedicated plinth tower so to speak. There again I thought I read somewhere else that you should bolt directly to motor plinth.

many thanks

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I'd say decoupled, because I was heading that way with the Maple plinth before I went over to the Nottingham. I had soft fibre washers between the arm and the Maple plinth and that helped the upper mids and treble a lot, and gave me more 'space .
Lenny ( up here, on the coast ) just built a poor-man's 'Shindo-labs' plinth for his 401 using hardwood-block worktop, and he has a diagonal sliced-off section for the arm that's decoupled but close to the main plinth .
That Garrard motor puts a lot of non-musical noise into the plinth , which you don't need.
Just make sure the decoupled bit is fairly heavy and solid, to keep good bass response .
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