Suggestions for a headphone amp

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#1 Suggestions for a headphone amp

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now the 300b amp is nearing completion, i'm thinking of the next project as always!

i currently have a hybrid 'starving Student' amp using Ecc82 and FET class A buffer.

the next one needs to:
A) sound better than the SSHA,
B) be all valve.. of course,
C) driver most headphones including low impedance
D) be interesting

any suggestions?

i'm interested in Nicks, i guess my only concerns are,
higher output impedance than i'd like, I have a pair of AKG 3003 in-ear which are 8 ohm !!
while i normally only use in ear while traveling, it'd be nice to try them occasionally.

i've seen the Bijou deisgn, which looks possible

or the Jonokuchi from Pmillet,
i like the way it can also driver headphones

i also have 3 pcs 300b 'spare'
and i also really like the 6c33c-b I built an OTL with them about 15 years ago which has now been disassembled.
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