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Andrew wrote:sperimentin' Shirley not.......
:lol: spose I'm more of a follower really ! I feel unable to be "original" in experimentation because of lacking the technical expertise to make changes and lacking the ears to hear what those changes do. :oops:
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Do whatever makes you happy, sperimenting is for some and not others, no biggie. :D
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I know this is an ancient post, but in case any more GCP ‘bargains’ surface online...

GCP stands for George Christopherou Products, a tiny hi fi dealer based in South Croydon in the late 70s/early 80s. George made speakers to order, and I bought a pair myself, costing £120 in 1981. They have the same tweeter and midrange as your speakers, but are more conventional looking. Will post some pics when I can. They’re loud and warm but not top end in any way.

I’m thinking some products may simply be rebadged Goodmans. Hope this clarifies their origin. Dave B
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£120 a good wage per week then. put it another way, in 73 my first job as a farm hand was paid £10 per 40hr week. After two weeks I had saved up enough to buy a used moped to get me there. My grandad was at our house when he saw the moped arive he said “how much was that?” £20 grandad. “Twenty poond (Geordie accent), aave nivva had more than twenty poond in me pocket all me life.”

At my wedding in 1980, Grandma pulled me aside to give me £20. Grandad died before the wedding. She said “I found this in his pocket when he died, he would have been saving it for youre wedding.” To him £20 was still a fortune. They had no speakers no record player. But an upright piano, most people had a upright piano. They got mum piano lessons and sent her to elecution classes, because they believed she wouldnt make it as a musician if she couldnt speak Lardydar. She queued up for her lessons with Penelopy Keith. Both were born Geordie, both sounded exactly the same afterwards.

It worked for mum, her accent and her piano skills netted her a Dr, my Dad, who bought her a Bechstein Concert Grand and a big detached house in Hampshire to practice. He paid for a top tutor and the big moment in all our lives was when she did a piano recital live on the BBC. I was 8 years old. I loved lying on the sofa in what we called ‘the far room’ as it was furthest end of house and full lngth to house a concert grand. among the best of my memories. She went on to do solo concerts here and there and worked as a head of music at two schools for physically handicapped children all her life, plus private tutor work. She ran a quire, and played flute classical guitar and piano.

Dad had a pye radiogram with px25’s. While I was away and anyway I wouldnt have known anything about valve audio, he traded it in for a “hifi”! Which was some plastic bag of shyte that just sat on an old chest. He said “one day Paul music will be stored in and come out of something as small as a matchbox.”…. stroppy teenage Paul, “yer right Dad!” put another 45 on the dansette.
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