Cambridge Audio DacMagic DAC (Azur)

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#1 Cambridge Audio DacMagic DAC (Azur)

Post by pre65 »

Has anyone any first hand experience of this DAC ?

Seems it's still a current model, at least with Richer sounds.

I've read up on what Google has found and it seems quite positive.
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Post by Lee S »

Yep. I have one. I really love it. Lots of inputs, 3 filter settings, phase inversion and to my ears its sounds really sweet. For the cash, they are very good IMO.
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Post by stevieg »

Just seen this. They do seem to take ages to burn in, mine is now sounding sweet as. Little comparative experience, mind.
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Post by Puffin »

I have one and a modded Beresford, not much in it except the fact that the BF cost me £40 second hand.
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