Something Stirs in the Workshop

Dedicated to those large boxes at one end of the room
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I found it hard to find drivers that were good enough, most cones are too heavy duty and don't sound like a planar or a horn at low levels. It's back to the usual light full-range cones but trying to avoid the breakup problems, which do, to be fiar, happen higher-up.
I am actually looking vaguely at resurrecting the 'Undergrowth' project with a FE167E ( loaned ) on a small box like the 2nd Purifi enclosure ( small slot port ) if for nothing else than a specialised mono set-up for listening to guitar music.
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Finally got around to finishing off the second es250 horn. Personally I cannot qualitatively assess a single channel, needs to be stereo. They have merit, a different presentation to my midrange AMT’s. They bring the musician into your room, opposed to taking you into the music venue. Not as much air, but other qualities. Whether they are missing to top end sparkle or not, I would need to add the super tweeters to see if > 12k is important or not. Maybe it’s time to buy a couple of matched capacitors, to see if I can improve the SQ further, than the current lash up.

Having two options, adds a dilemma of what to take to the WAM show later this year.
Was hoping to be able to get Chris around for measurements and a second opinion. I may have to have a bake off in the next month or so to let others decide...
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Been doing some further measurements and comparisons. However I don’t know which sounds better, as I am currently unable to listen to music as I seem to have an issues with my hearing post Covid. Hopefully when get I get to see a GP things might improve.

Previously I had compared the es250 horn with the midrange AMT in the OS horn. I have now compared the ES 250 horn with the mid range AMT “nude”. The ES250 has a back chamber and 40mm of acoustic foam to attenuated the back wave a little

Both arrangements measure well, bit more floor bounce with the ES250 as mike is further from the floor. However I suspect the OB AMT drivers won’t be dynamic. The ES250 horn with the pair of GRS planar drivers is 98db efficient.

No DSP manipulation, just plain LR4 crossovers and efficiency matching.

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