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#1 c7 socket

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Does anybody know if there are any rules in the uk relating to the use of c7 sockets on electrical equipment.
I've spent a good while searching for any legal info, but drawn a blank.
I didn't want to get into all the class1/class2 discussions as I'm not planning on manufacturing anything for public consumption. I'm just curious because the info wasn't easy to find.

As the things are easy to source on ebay it looked like a perfect solution to lsomething I'm fiddling with, which has limited space and wouldn't have room for an IEC socket.
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#2 Re: c7 socket

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AFAIK the rules are defined in the CE docs that cover class ii for the class of equipment you are building. So if you are not worried about that then I suppose there is nothing more. I would guess there is a post Brexit version of the docs but I expect they are close to a copy of the CE ones
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