Norma Waterson

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#1 Norma Waterson

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"Forever fair ... and I'm touching your hair. I wish we could be dreaming .... in this dream" ( Morrison )
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Bloody hell, she lived up the road and I never even heard of her. I wasnt exactly interested in folk. Late to the party yet again. Eva, now Norma, and my tv documentary favourite Fred Dibnar all I need is Guy Martin to fall off his perch and I have no living to enjoy in solitude leisure. Bugger. Hull and all where I lived so happily for 4 years met my wife in Annabellas night club, went to Hull Truck with her. Took part in student shenannigans stretcher race queued up at Arnetts for a “fadge” early hours on way back from night out. Never knew in those glorious years of my life, such a talent was also in Hull. But the last music Id have ever found was folk. Shame.
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