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#1 PSUD improvements

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From the Joelist :

From: Duncan Munro <duncan
Date: Mon, Aug 23, 2021, 12:59 AM


Thought I would string a few words together about what's happening right
now and what people can expect in the future from PSUD.

PSUD3 is still very much on the go, with a number of key features being


- Rectifier database built into the software
- Rectifier curve fit to make your own from datasheets (Solver)
- Totally rewritten calculation engine with much better accuracy


- New "splitter" filter to allow your power feed to split into two or
more threads, each with their own filtering and load
- Ability to mix rectifiers within a supply (e.g. bridge with 2 x vacuum
tube rectifiers and 2 x solid state)
- Schottky rectifiers
- Lots of charting improvements
- Dozens more minor things

Hope the update is useful. I have a day job and an impending house move so
don't get as much time as I would like for this, however I do try and spend
some time on it each week :)

Finally, a couple of screen shots of the new rectifier database showing how
data sheet information is used to create or validate a rectifier model.

( Sorry no screenshots in the way I receive the messages, unless he provided a link . Ed )
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