wave benders

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#1 wave benders

Post by ed »

The Manger wave bending drivers were popular in the early days of this forum, at least talking about them was popular.

Anybody know if they are still on the pace because I haven't heard anything about them for about 10 years.

I was just catching up and read an old report from Troels and a more recent write up from 6 moons which seems(on the surface) to contradict Troels. Anybody got any experience of these things...It might be a bit academic because the current system offering from Manger is more that 4000 euros....But I'm not sure what the driver proportion of that is.
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#2 Re: wave benders

Post by Scottmoose »

As far as I know they are, Ed, but it's been a while since I last heard any. As I recall their distortion performance on the low end wasn't great, so depending on use, they were best used as wideband mid-tweets. In fairness though, they've plenty of company in that regard.

Not entirely sure about the pair of S1s they have on their site, not attached to anything, in a room with a 25ft vaulted ceiling, and a couple of LPs chucked on the carpet. They do look a bit lost. ;) Dodgy advertising shots aside though, should still be solid performers of the type.
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#3 Re: wave benders

Post by pre65 »

I believe our man in Bedford has experience of Mangers.
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#4 Re: wave benders

Post by andrew Ivimey »

Indeed I do... bit of a blind alley for me although they look groovy weird and were bi- directional. My heart firmly stays with the Heil AMT, I'm afraid.
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