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#1 Peak Electronics

Post by jack »

Another shout out to Peak Electronic Design.

I have had a DCA55 and a LCR40 for many years.

The DCA had a damaged case (I dropped it on a concrete floor).

Both were long out of calibration, so I sent them off last week.

Today they came back; latest firmware, new case for the DCA (and secretly, it looks like the LCR is in a new case too) and both calibrated.

25 quid, 24 hour turnaround on the work.

Great little company.
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#2 Re: Peak Electronics

Post by Nick »

Agreed, I have a DCA75, great little thing.
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#3 Re: Peak Electronics

Post by Morgan Jones »

I have a DCA75 and a DCA55. The 75 uses a far cheaper battery but has an annoying beeper that I really must get round to gagging. Either is really useful. I also have their ESR60 for measuring ESR of electrolytic capacitors and that's an excellent piece of kit.
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