Awful experience with Farnell

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#1 Awful experience with Farnell

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I bought an Extech 350 multimeter from Farnell, which developed a fault 3 weeks later (big bulge under the battery compartment, batteries wouldn't stay in, unusable and possibly dangerous).

Contacted customer services whose response was basically "send us photos by email and we'll investigate".

week later "oh yes we got the photos and we're still investigating". Pointed out my right to return faulty goods but got no further.

2 weeks later "oh really sorry, yes we've had to recall a batch of those and we'll arrange a collection FOC. No sir we never meant to question your right to return the goods"

1 week later no collection. CS guy I spoke to on leave, nobody else knew anything about it. Email threatening to escalate to senior management.

week later CS guy returns and they finally arrange collection next day. From the wrong address. Eventually collected 2 days later.

1 week later - credit note appears in email. No apology.

Hoping it's a one-off.
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#2 Re: Awful experience with Farnell

Post by jack »

Sorry to hear that -I should add that I've probably had many many 100s, if not over 1000 orders with Farnell over many many years with almost no problems at all - when I had issues, they were minor and generally rectified (!) immediately.

If you had a bad experience, then complain - just do it - their customer service needs that feedback.
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