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#1 CCD 228 ESP

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I think that is the model in the title, I never had my glasses on when I looked tonight.
Anyway, I have been loaned a unusually modified version of the above model, a lot of valve circuitry and other upgrades to support the schematic.
I don't know much of the wizardry under the hood, but can say I have had to re think my attitude to a CD replay and believe I no longer have a prejudice against it. I can happily live with this model for ever I think. There is a problem, First, it needs to go back to its owner.
Second the owner is taking the CDP 970 he has with a further amount of upgrades beyond the 228 on another upgrade path, with a purpose made transformer . He wants me to do a A/B Comparison before I decide on a model.
I can't say enough good things about the 227, it is a thoroughly competent machine and really allows the emotional content of the music to take a front seat. I'm going out to buy a few more CD's before it goes back.
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