WARNING - Welborne Labss

Somewhere to tell us of supplies who go the extra mile, or run away with your dosh.
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Ray P
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#1 WARNING - Welborne Labss

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I've had a bad experience with Welborne Labs. I ordered a kit back in November and to date still haven't had a complete delivery and the part that's missing (a PCB) essentially makes what has been delivered about as useful as a chocolate teapot. The only communication I've had from them was when they wanted payment; they have ignored all my subsequent mails and telephone messages. I'm now trying to get my money back through my credit card company.

The internet tells me that my experience is fairly typical. I suggest they are best avoided.

A few years ago Welborne were reliable and had a reasonable reputation and I purchased a couple of things from them without a hitch; to end up having no shame or conscience must be desperate.

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Paul Barker
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sorry to hear that.

These situations do occur in this diy audio world.

I remember a man who set up selling Black Gates last century and we weren't all communicating all that well so he could get away with it. I was buying some speakers from a man in Nottingham, who gave me the warning. "He holds people's money for 6 months and eventually they get their capacitors."

Michael Percy went through a very bad service period. It ended up he broke silence eventually to explain he had moved house.

I know how the game works, for a very bad patch in my life I worked for a Dutch man, he put a warehouse and office in Tonbridge Wells and sent me 40ft lorry loads of palleted Duracel Batteries and Kodac Film to wholesale. We turned over £3 million a year. But he never bought anything with his own money. He used to talk to the buyers "I have...." they would say I'll take X y and z, Then he went off to big German Companies and got them on credit shipped them to me I distributed them around the UK some took a palet some took a few boxes. They paid, and sometimes we were talking urgently to the bank about the difference. One thing which helped it work was the time it took the English bank to cash a DM cheque. That is to say he wrote a cheque in DM to the German company two weeks later the cash left our British bank, by which time our UK customers cheques had cleared.

He hadn't got a brass farthing.

Fielding that lot was one of the most stressful times of my life. The hardest part of it for me was the way that in my view he was dishonest stating "I have..." when he didn't have, but he would rush round and get when you order.

But all manufacturing works since we learned it from the Japanese a "just in time policy". You order a car which hasn't been made yet. We would have no car industry left in the UK if we hadn't adopted their methods.

When I worked at Ford the chairman's annual talk was "We have taken a 323 apart it is better made than an Escort and they can make it for £2,000 less per car than we can make an Escort." It wasn't just to get the work force to accept less of a pay rise. it was truth. You must change with the times.

I have no soubt that in this diy parts industry a just in time policy is practiced and in some cases the policy of my old director Pieter Van den Burg, selling what he heasn't yet worked out how to get, but when he finds it he'll use your money to buy it, knowing his money will be taken later than your money clears, and his whole business relies on continuous turnover. The moment turnover comes to a halt his whole business goes down like a pack of cards.

And that is where virtually all business is today. Especially the building trade.
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Mike H
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Supermarkets are the same.

I once heard (TV proggie) that at any one moment Britain has got only about 4 - 5 days worth of supplies, if all the lorries stopped running for any reason we'd start running out of stocks within a week
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